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Galileo Intelligence Corporation Coin

About the
Galileo Intelligence Corporation Coin

The main goal of the GALILEO INTELLIGENCE COIN project is the general availability of the trading platform for the whole world. Using one payment system inside will avoid a lot of conversions, the need for which arises when using fiat money. Thus, it will use its own currency, based on the blockchain. Which will not only be able to provide the economic system of the project, but will also greatly simplify user payments. The project implies an international advertising and trading platform based on cryptocurrency, as well as hundreds of thousands of other goods and users. The platform will be launched in the autumn of 2020

... A powerful PR of the trading platform will be deployed all over the world so that thousands of users can appreciate its benefits at the same time...

The project will use the GLC lien cryptocurrency. Which, before the launch of the project, will pass 2 IEO rounds, and will also be added to the cryptocurrency exchanges, for ease of use

Token and Distribution

GLC token is based on ETH — erc-20. The total token emission 777 777 GLC. The token is not reissued.

ICO | IEO has 2 rounds. In the first round, sales will be 20%, the cost of a token is $ 0.5 or BTC, ETH according to the exchange rate. In the first round, 155,555 GLC will be sold. The first round Hard Cap is $ 77,777 Soft Cap $ 25,000. Second round of sales 40%, token cost $ 0.7 or BTC, ETH according to the exchange rate. In the second round, 311 110 GLC will be sold. Round 2 Hard Cap is $ 217,777 Soft Cap $ 85,000.

The token can be viewed at the address: https://etherscan.io/token/0x0e479bf2b751b15fd7bb35828b988854ea8d429b
The initial funds received will be used to advertise the project. Further on the development of additional tools and general development

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Economic system

  • The basis of the economic system of the project is the GLC token. With this token, users can post their advertisements on the trading platform. The liquidity of the project also includes token burning and VIP marketing. You can read more about this in white paper.


  • The goal of this project is to improve international advertising and trade using blockchain technologies. Improving the quality of purchases, thanks to the instant ability to search for similar goods and services. Comparison of supplier prices and much more.


  • First of all, the liquidity of the project is the use of the GLC token by sellers and buyers. Token burning and constant development of the project. The project team also guarantees that it will not make personal sales of tokens during the first three years of the project's development.





How much can I earn if I participate in ICO / IEO?

  • It all depends on which ICO / IEO tour you will participate in. If in the first round, earnings will be 50%

Where can I store purchased GLC tokens?

  • You can store them on the official Etherium wallet www.myetherwallet.com

How can I use GLC tokens?

  • GLC tokens are the main payment system used by the Galileo Intelligence Corporation Coin advertising platform. After paying for the service, you can place your goods

When will the platform work?

  • The platform has already been developed. After the promotion, a large-scale launch is planned. This will happen in autumn 2020

Are you planning to list the GLC token on exchanges?

  • In December 2020, the first listings on the exchanges.

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